21 Feb 2010

Oz special

Is this ridiculous self confidence or wat?

Memory/cric IQ check
1) match? 2) bowler? 3)batsmen?

16 Feb 2010

Ultra Special

I remember seeing/hearing this, or it might be my subconscious

"Write about the shit that makes you HARD,if  you want to write well"

Laxmans 'sensual dance' at the crease today sure did. He gets you into a different world,...even the "We can bowl on any surface" Proteas bowlers were smiling as if in a state of 'peace'...
If Laxman were an army in war, they would never go to war. Just befriend their enemy.
He was away for 1 test;he makes it feel like an eternity!!!

So sublime is he ; forget dravid,sachin, humans can replace them  :> who will do the dance at number 5 for india when VVS does his final performance on hopefully the Eden stage?

Its time

Its time the cricket uniforms undergo some change

I suggest polo teshirts, blue for india and so on(yeh i dont care about the others)
Dey will look awesome,get more women into the game and help cricket lovers get laid
coz polo teshirts are hot(ones with a collar ofcourse) ,,u knw it...and if collars werent on your mind...i got no words for u..

superconfident at Eden

Should india just declare at 5 down to ridicule the saffas?

 The 50,000 strong crowd will any how ensure that india win